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Milk Bath Session

Updated: May 21, 2018

So I've always admired Milk Bath Sessions & I finally begged my children to do a session with me. The plan was just for my daughter to do her session with flowers but then my son wanted to get in on the action so we had some Cookie Crisp in the pantry which he loved! Well of course then my daughter needed one with cereal also, you know because that would totally be unfair. So the Fruit Loops came out of the pantry for her.

My children have a severe case of photographer's child syndrome (you know, when the child of a photographer has been photographed so many times they are no longer interested in taking photos. I get mostly whines, awkward smiles, and goofy faces) so I am pretty pleased with the results.

If you are interested in a Milk Bath Session for yourself or your little ones please feel free to contact me.

Matthews NC • Mint Hill NC • Indian Trail NC • Charlotte NC

Family • Child • Couple • Photographer

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